Monday, April 4, 2011

What Will She Be?

Like any mom I often wonder what my daughter will be when she grows up.  A doctor?  A vet?  Maybe a crazy mad scientist?  Well what about a good 'ol

Well, this stool looks level!

Let me check it from this position...just to be safe.

 Gotta put my tools up...keep 'em working well.

Oh wait, forgot about this cabinet.

Looks level to me, Mom.  Go ahead and put my thousands of books riiiight here.

But wait....maybe I want to be a doctor.  Yeah I know Mom, this is actually part of your screwdriver, but it looks just like that ear-light-magnifying glass-thingy at the doctor's office!!!

Does my ear look good?  Huh?? Can you tell?

Wait, what about now?  Can you see?

I realize that E could just be randomly sticking that thing in her ear, but I'm kinda doubting it.  Her right ear is the last one to have an infection and she flipped her lid for the first time when the doctor stuck that otoscope  in there.  After she calmed down, she was all up in it, trying to steal it from the doctor who then tried to look in her throat...big mistake.  Kids do the darnedest things.

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  1. It's so nice to have a handywoman around the house! Does she do windows?